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VSV 090 Series Cabchon

VSV, Very popular Brand of Cabochon at carnivals and Amusement Parks everywhere. You will notice these beautiful light fixtures adorned on concession trailers, ticket boxes, sign marquees, amusement rides, almost everywhere on the midway. The VSV 090 Series uses a T5.5 Turbo Light Bulb and is available in 11 Decorative colors.

The VSV brand Cabochon is used exclusively on all Zamperla rides and adopted the name "Zamperla"

Add some flash or special effects with one of our solid state or mechanical chasing light controllers.

VSV_090 Zamperla Red Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Blue Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Yellow Cap VSV_090 Zamperla D Blue Cap
VSV Red Cap VSV Blue Cap VSV Yellow Cap VSV D Blue Cap
VSV_090 Zamperla Red Base VSV_090 Zamperla Blue Base VSV_090 Zamperla Yellow Base VSV_090 Zamperla D Blue Base
VSV Red Base VSV Blue Base VSV Yellow Base VSV D Blue Base

VSV_090 Zamperla Purple Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Orange Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Green Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Yellow Green Cap
VSV Purple Cap VSV Orange Cap VSV Green Cap VSV Y/G Cap
VSV_090 Zamperla Purple Base VSV_090 Zamperla Orange Base VSV_090 Zamperla Green Base VSV_090 Zamperla Yellow G Cap
VSV Purple Base VSV Orange Base VSV Green Base VSV Y/G Base

VSV_090 Zamperla Clear Cap VSV_090 Zamperla Fuchsia Cap VSV_090 Zamperla White Cap
VSV Clear Cap VSV Fuchsia VSV White Cap
VSV_090 Zamperla Clear Base VSV_090 Zamperla Pink Base VSV_090 Zamperla White Base
VSV Clear Base VSV Fuchsia Base VSV White Base

Special Internet Pricing

Mix or match colors same low price

Item 1-79 80-299 300+
Cap .50¢ .45¢ .40¢ Buy
Base .60¢ .55¢ .42¢ Buy
Socket & Nut 1.10 .90¢ .80¢ Buy
New Collar .40¢ .35¢ .30¢ Buy
Complete Unit 2.60 2.25 1.95 Buy

VSV also offers the 098 series, smaller in size than the 090 series, works better on marquee letters, or on smaller equipment to keep things more proportionate. When size is not an issue we recommend using the larger Cabochon's that use the more reliable T-5.5 bulb.

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