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SOW Surplus Wire

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SOW Surplus Wire

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SOW Surplus Wire

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SOW Surplus Wire

Power Cable

12/3   12/4   12/5
SEOW Surplus Wire

10/3   10/4   10/5
SEOW Surplus Wire

8/3   8/4   8/5
SEOW Surplus Wire

6/3   6/4   6/5
SEOW Surplus Wire

4/3   4/4   4/5
SEOW Surplus Wire

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SEOW Surplus Wire

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Surplus Electrical Wire 12/3 SEOW-A

From the nations leading manufactures

  • Carol Wire and Cable

  • Coleman Cable

  • American Insulated Wire

  • General Cable & Wire

We are often asked how we can sell electrical wire at these very low prices.

Rest assured all the wire we sell is brand new first quality and 100 percent guaranteed.

We purchase Factory Remnants, and Surplus Overruns and pass the saving on to our customers. At National Supply we specialize in portable cable and wire including SOW, SEOW, Entertainment Cable, and Type W. Single and Multi Conductor Cables.

Industry Terms & Definitions

AWG - Abbreviation for American Wire Gauge. The first number in the product description (e.g.,12/3)

S - Heavy duty, rubber-insulated portable cord. Standard copper conductors with separator and individual rubber insulation. Two or more color-coded conductors cabled with filler, wrapped with separator and rubber jacketed overall 600V.

SEO - Same construction as STO, except insulation and jacket are made of Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber (TPE) 600V.

SEOW - Same construction as SEO, except suitable for outdoor use. Usually UL listed for continuous submersion in water 600V.

SJ - Junior hard service rubber-insulated pendant or portable cord. Same construction as SJT except insulation and jacket is thermoset 300V.

SJEOW - Same construction as SEOW except 300 volt rated.

SEOOW -Same construction as SEOW, but inner conductor insulation as well as the outer jacket is oil resistant.

SJO - Same as SJ, but oil-resistant outer jacket. Can also be made "water resistant." 300V, 60°C, 75°C or 90°C or 105°C.

SJOOW - Same as SOOW except 300 volt rated.

SLC - Stage Lighting Cable. A 600 volt single conductor cable for use with indoor and outdoor stages, fairs and carnivals.

SO - Hard service cord. Same construction as type S, except oil-resistant jacket. 600V, 60°C to 105°C.

SOW - Same as SO except suitable for outdoor use.

SOOW - Same as SOW but inner conductor insulation as well as the outer jacket is oil resistant.

Water Resistant - UL designation for cords that have an insulation on the individual conductors that passes UL requirements (e.g., ST Water Resistant or ST Dry 105°C, Water Resistant 60°C).

W - CSA Weather and Water resistant Designation for outdoor listed flexible cord that is tested against sunlight requirements (e.g., SOW, SEOW)**.

**Do not confuse this with the mining cable Type "W" which refers to "without ground," such as 4/0-3 W.

W (Type) - An industry designation for a 2kV portable power cable consisting of 1 - 6 insulated conductors. For use in mines and similar severe duty applications. MSHA - Is an agency of the US department of labor Mine Safety Health Administration

Gauge / Conductor

The first number refers to the wire gauge, the following number refers to the number of conductors.
Example 12/3 the first number 12 is the gauge and the second number 3 is the number of conductors.

Portable Cord Letters and Connotations

S = 600 Volt Service Cord (First recognized by UL)

J = Junior Service - 300 Volt

T = Thermoplastic

E = Elastomer (Looks and feels like rubber, but is actually a thermoplastic)

O = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket

OO = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket and Oil Resistant Insulation

W-A = Weather Approved(e.g., SEOW-A)

SOW SEOW or Type W

SOW, SOOW, SEOW, SEOOW are considerably lighter, easyer to work with and less expensive to purchase than Type W. On the other hand Type W is more crush resistant, will tollerate much more abuse and is capable of carrying more current.

Am I required to use a Type W ? Many people are surprised to find out the answer may be no. Check with your local inspection department to be certain.

SEOOW or SOOW the choice is yours

Temperature Rating -50 c to 105 c -40 to 90 c
Jacket tensile strength (PSI) 2200 1411
Abrasion Resistance 1900 800
Weight 15% Lighter -----

Comparing Coleman Cable Seoprene 105 SEOOW to thermoset SOOW.

What Exactly is Elastomer ?

  • "A class of long-chain polymers capable of being crosslinked to produce elastic compounds, e.g. polychloroprene and ethylene propylene rubber."

  • "A material which at room temperature stretches under low stress to at least twice its length and snaps back to original length upon release of stress."

  • "A material that exhibits very low or zero crystallinity and a high degree of flexibility."

    SEOW has been evolving ever since it's conception. SEOW is noticably lighter and easyer to work with than SOW and stays cleaner longer.

    Most people who have used SEOW seems to prefur it over SOW or at least equally as well. There is still some skepticism among those who have not used SEOW before because the jacket is smooth and shiny, resembelling a plastic type material giving the illusion of inferior quality.

    We stock both types of wire, if you have a preferance please let us know.

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