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LED Puck Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED Turbo Bulbs

Cam-Lock Black   Cam-Lock Red   Cam-Lock White   Cam-Lock Blue   Cam-Lock Green
Mini Cam Connectors

2/0 4/0 Cam Locks

Hubbell Quartz Fixture 500w
Quartz Fixtures

Multi Pin Male Connector Multi Pin Female Connector
Steck MultiPin Plugs

LED Sign Bulbs

11s14 Sign Bulbs

TwistLock Electrical Plugs
Plugs and Connectors

Sign Border Chaser 10 Amp
Border Chasers

Solid State Chasers

LED Bumper Car Tubes


Electrical Wire Cable
Electrical Wire

Food Grade Hose
Food Grade Hose

 VSV 090
LED Tube Lights

 VSV 090 Turbolite TL-67 Turbolite TE-40
Turbolite TL-67
Turbolite TE-40
Turbolite TL-47

Carnival Pennant Flag   Carnival Attention Flag   Carnival Concession Flag
Flags and Banners

Lynch_Pin Clip Click_Pin Hitch Pin Clip RKEY R-KEY Tab_Lock D-CLIP Snapper_Pin
Pins and Clips

Fluorescent Lamp Bulb
Fluorescent Lamps

National Supply is a nationwide leader in the distribution of specialty lighting and electrical products including fluorescent lamps and ballasts, halogen quartz bulbs, decorative light bulbs, marquee bulbs, sign bulbs, pin sockets, twist-lock plugs and connectors, electrical wire & cable, surplus wire, extension cords, cam-lok connectors, mini-cam connectors, multi-pin connectors, FDA food grade hose, concession hose, marine products, carnival flags, concession flags, decorative light cabochon, carnival supplies, concession supplies, carnival lighting supplies, from quality manufacturers including Advanced Devices, Cooper Industries, Cooper Crouse-hinds, Eagle Electric, Phillips, Lights-N-Motion, VSV, Turbolight, Universal, Leviton, Hubbell Lighting, and Arrow Hart. Serving primarily the Carnival and Amusement Park Industry, National Supply sells to wholesale and retail markets.

National Supply is constantly striving to expand our inventories, so you the customer can do all your shopping at one location. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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