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Turbo Light

VSV Cabochon

TE-40 Turbolight Cabochon
TE-40 Turbo

TL-47 Turbolight Cabochon
TL-47 Turbo

TL-67 Turbolight Cabochon
TL-67 Turbo


Amusement - Turbo Bulbs

T5.5 Turbo Bulbs - E14 European Base

T-5.5 130V 10W T-5.5 60V 10W T-5.5 60V 8W T-5.5 60V 5W T-5.5 220V 10W
T5.5 Turbo_Bulb 130_Volt 10W T5.5 Turbo_Bulb 60_Volt 10W T5.5 Turbo_Bulb 60_Volt 8W T5.5 Turbo_Bulb 60_Volt 8W T5.5 Turbo_Bulb 220_Volt 10W
E14 Base E14 Base E14 Base E14 Base E14 Base
50-450 .30
500-950 .25
1000+ .23
50-450 .30
500-950 .28
1000+ .25
50-450 .30
500-950 .28
1000+ .25
50-450 .30
500-950 .28
1000+ .25
50-450 .30
500-950 .28
1000+ .25
50 Pieces Per Box 1000 Pieces Per Case

T3 Mini Turbo Bulbs - E10 European Base

T3-60V. 4W. T3-24V. 4W. T3-130V. 4W.
T-3 Turbo_Bulb 60_volt T-3 Turbo_Bulb 24_volt T-3 Turbo_Bulb 130_volt
E10 Base E10 Base E10 Base
100-400 .30
500-900 .25
1000+ .23
100-400 .30
500-900 .28
1000+ .25
100-400 .30
500-900 .28
1000+ .25
50 Pieces Per Box 1000 Pieces Per Case

Carnival / Amusement LED Turbo Bulbs

  • Super Bright
  • Super Waterproof
  • Beam angle 360°
  • 50,000 Hours
  • Best Quality
  • Fits Inside VSV
  • Fits Inside TL47
  • Diffused Light
  • Must Be Seen
  • No Risk Guarantee
Super Bright From All Directions
16 LED SMD E-14 Bulb
Fits Through Base of VSV & Turbo TL-47
Model Number Description Each 100+
14 LED W Cool White 1.75 1.50
14 LED WW Warm White 1.75 1.50
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or We Will Refund Your Money & Pay The Shipping Back
  • Free Samples Shipping Included

Mini LED Turbo Bulbs - E10 Base " Replaces T3 "

Product Description Color Volt Each 100 +
E10 - 12LED - .65W Warm White 60V 1.75 1.50
E10 - 12LED - .65W Cool White 60V 1.75 1.50

16 LED Auto RGB Pre Programmed 1-16 Turbo Bulb
  • Preprogrammed RGB Numbered 1-16
  • Color Changing & Chasing Sequence
  • 16 5050 SMD LED Chips
  • No Controller Needed
  • 110v AC No Transformer Needed

Order Today

Each ?.00
10+ ?.00
Hours: 50,000
color: RGB Muticolor LED
Base E-14
Waterproof: IP65
Voltage: 110V AC 1.5w
Working temp: -20° -50°C
Beam Angle: 360°
Certification: CC, CE, EMC, RoHS,
  • Simply Replace Your Old Turbo Bulbs.
  • Disconnect Controller If Equipped.
  • Works Best With Clear Covers.

Clearance LED Turbo Bulbs

120 Volt 8 SMD LED E14 European Base LED Turbo Bulb
8 LED Turbo Bulb
Product Description Color Was Now
E14-11LED-120V-W Cool White 1.50 1.00
E14-11LED-120V-WW Warm White 1.50 1.00
E14-11LED-120V-Color Colors 1.50 1.00

120 Volt 16 LED E14 European Base LED Turbo Bulb
Product Description Color Was Now
E14-16LED-120V-W White 2.00 1.25
E14-16LED-120V-WW Warm White 2.00 1.25
E14-16LED-120V-R Red 2.00 1.25
E14-16LED-120V-G Green 2.00 1.25
E14-16LED-120V-B Blue 2.00 1.25
24V 60V 220V LED Turbo Bulb
16 LED SMD E-14 Bulb

Application: Amusement LED lamps are widely used in the carnival and amusement park industry adorning the amusement rides, concession trailers and marquee signs.

Our LED's are designed to work perfectly on all the leading Carnival Rides, from the smaller Kiddie rides to the family, major and spectacular rides. Some of the more common Carnival Ride Manufactures and Amusement Rides are listed below.

Carnival Ride Manufactures

A.R.M. Manufacturer of Spectacular Carnival Rides such as the Super Shot, Vertigo, SkyMaster, Ali Baba, and also the Super Trooper, and Touchdown Carnival Rides.

Bertazzon Manufacturer of the Matterhorn, Music Express and Swing Carousel Amusement Rides.

Chance Rides Manufacturer of the Astro, Century, and Giant Wheel, Pharaoh's Fury, Rok-N-Roll Sea Dragon, Skydiver, and Sky Wheel, Carousel, Thunderbolt, Toboggan, Trabant, Wipeout, Yo-Yo, and the Zipper.

Dartron Manufacturer of the Cliff Hanger, Hurricane, Star Trooper, and Zero Gravity.

Eli Bridge Famous for there Wheel Rides including the Aristocrat Wheel, Eagle Wheel, Lil' Wheel, and Hy 5 Ferris Wheel Rides, Eli also makes the Scrambler and Lil' Scrambler rides.

Eyerly Aircraft Company Manufacturer of the Loop-O-Plane, Rock-O-Plane, Octopus, Roll-O-Plane, and Spider Carnival Rides.

Fabbri Manufacturer of the Kamikaze, Mega Drop, Pirate Ship, and Wave Swinger.

Hampton Rides Manufacturer of Kiddie Motorcycle and car type rides. It would be difficult to find a carnival without several Hampton Rides.

Allan Herschell Company Manufacturer of the Flying Bobs, and Helicopter rides.

Hi-Lite RidesManufacturer of the Scat Carnival Ride.

Huss MaschinenfabrikManufacturer of the Enterprise, Pirate Boat, Rainbow Carnival Rides.

Kermis Machinebouw Gaasendam BV (KMG) Manufacturer of Spectacular Rides like the Fireball, Freak Out, and Spin Out.

Larson International Manufacturer of the Drop Towers, Coasters, Kiddie Rides to Swing Rides, including the infamous Tilt-A-Whirl, Pirate ships, Dragons, and Flying Elephant Rides, Monkeys, Bumble Bees, Pumpkin, Bears, Apples, and Tea Cup Rides. Fire Ball/Ring of Fire

Majestic Manufacturing Manufacturer of the infamous Scooter Bumper Car Rides.

MulliganManufacturer of the Mulligan Wheel, and Sea Ray Carnival Rides.

ReverchonManufacturer of the Flume Ride, and Himalaya Carnival Rides.

SDCManufacturer of the Ferris Wheel, Himalaya, and Pirate Ship Carnival Rides.

SellnerManufacturer of the Barrel of Fun, Bear Affair, Dizzy Dragons, and Tilt-A-Whirl Carnival Rides.

Tivoli Manufacturer of the Orbiter, and Re-Mix Carnival Rides.

Vekoma Ride ManufacturingManufacturer of Roller Coasters, and Giant Wheel Carnival Rides.

Venture Rides (AKA Grover Watkins & Hi-Lite Rides)Manufacturer of the Cobra, Mini Himalaya, and Scat Carnival Rides.

Grover Watkins Manufacturer of the Rampage, Swinger, and Tempest Carnival Rides.

Weber 1001 Nacht Carnival Ride.

Wisdom Manufacturer of the storm, Himalaya Sizzler, Tornado, Starship / Gravitron Roller Coasters such as the Dragon Wagon, Go Gator, Orient Express, and Raiders. Viper, Avalanche, Moby Dick, Genesis, and Gee Wizz style Carnival Rides.

Zamperla Manufacturer of the Balloon Race, Crazy Bus, Flying Carousel, Kite Flyer, Mini-Enterprise, Mini Jet, Mini Tea Cup, Power Surge, Rockin' Tug, Samba Balloon, Speedway, and Willie the Whale Carnival Rides.

Referred to in the carnival industry as Turbo Bulbs, the turbo bulb fit Turolite brand Cabochon, VSV, ASL, Starlight, or any other Cabochon used in the amusement industry. Turbo Bulbs are available in two sizes, the T5.5 E-14 base Turbo Bulb and the smaller T3 E-10 Mini Turbo Bulb.
National Supply stocks all voltages T5.5, 130V10W - 60V10W - 60V8W - 60V.5W and 220V10W. The most common standard turbo bulb is the 130V.10W.
National Supply stocks all voltages T3 60V4W - 24V4W and 130V10W. The most common mini turbo bulb is the 60V4W.
turbo bulbs are sometimes referred to as amusement bulbs, midway bulbs, mini-turbo bulbs, carnival bulbs, and marquee bulbs. Turbo bulbs are used on carnival rides, amusement games, carnival marquee signs, carnival concession stands, and amusement parks.

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